About Us

Wonder Tackle Box is part of the world famous Clark Buford Bait Company of Tennessee.  Founded in 1949, our company has been helping fishermen have fun for almost 70 years!  Everyone who works for our company likes to fish and talk about fishing.

We are 100% focused on fish-related ventures.  In addition to delighting freshwater anglers with monthly deliveries of the Wonder Tackle Box, our company is one of the largest distributors of live fishing bait and tackle in North America.  

We provide direct store delivery of baitfish, worms, crickets and fishing tackle on our bait shop delivery routes in Tennessee and Kentucky.

We operate a worm factory at our Celina, TN campus where we turn containers of bulk nightcrawlers from Canada into cases of cupped nightcrawlers that are provided to multiple wholesale distributors in the Eastern U.S. 

We provide multiple species of gamefish for stocking ponds including Grass Carp, Catfish, Bream, Trout and Bass. We also grow trout that are sold in various sizes for use as baitfish (where legal), stocking fish for private ponds, and as eating size fish for human consumption. 

We believe our Celina campus is the largest baitfish distributor facility of its type in North America, featuring 24 giant cement fishtanks (raceways).

We are located in north-central Tennessee in one of the premier fishing areas anywhere.  We are located in-between Dale Hollow Lake, current home of world record smallmouth bass, and Lake Cumberland, Kentucky.  Multiple rivers are located within minutes of our office including the Obey River, Cumberland River, Roaring River and countless streams, pay lakes, and private ponds.  It’s no wonder that many people refer to our area as Disneyland® for fishermen.

If you find yourself in our part of the world, make a point of stopping in to see us.  We’ll be happy to share the latest information we have on where to go, what type of fish are biting, and what to use to catch them!

Are you ready to delight the angler in your life?